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Nestle Business Service opening

4th of July company team have worked successfully on Nestle Business Service opening.

Lviv’s centre will become the third in the world inner business-service-centre, which as a part of international chapter Nestle Business Service will provide separate financial operations fulfillment, in particular salary calculation and payment, and also some personnel managing processes. Centre in which about 350 qualified exerts in finance and HR branch will be working, will serve more than 20 regional states, such as Russia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria est.



International Jazz Festival - Alfa Jazz Fest

During the 3rd  -5th of  June 2011 the company "Dik-Art 'worked on the organization of the resonant  jazz event- the International Festival “Alfa Jazz Fest”, which brought together jazz lovers from all over Ukraine and a huge number of guests from other countries.

This year was the beginning of a long history of International jazz Festival in Lviv - Alfa Jazz Fest. Despite his youth, it has gotten a title of one of the major summer music events in Eastern Europe and the biggest open-air jazz Festival in Ukraine.


Shopping Centre "King Cross Leopolis" Anniversary celebrating

“DikArt” Company was making a celebration for the biggest Shopping Centre «KingCrossLeopolis». Holiday occasion – the most important event – it’s Happy Birthday.

1 year existing on market  and such quantity of fans and permanent clients – that’s huge success. That’s why worthily congratulate all clients was an important task, holiday should had been interesting for adults and children, and celebration cake should be given to everybody!


IV Свято шоколаду

 11-14 лютого у Львівському палаці митецтв вчетверте відбулось Свято шоколаду.

 4 дні свята були насичені «шоколадними» подіями:




Фотовиставка Олімпійців 2008 в салоні МТС

   21 жовтня в салоні МТС, по вулиці Шевченка у Львові, відбулося відкриття експозиції ексклюзивних фотографій зроблених під час Олімпійських Ігор 2008 в Пекіні. Наша компанія забезпечила відкриття виставки і забезпечила фуршет, почастувавши гостей солодощами та фруктами.




Корпоративний Пікнік МТС в "Бухті Вікінгів"

  30 серпня компанія «ДікАрт» провела одно-денний корпоративний пікнік для МТС. Цього разу для такого спортивно-розважального заходу ми обрали «Бухту Вікінгів». Та й не даремно! 230 МТС-ників з 8 областей Західної України відмінно активно відпочили!



Kyivstar Corporate Picnic

   On the 7th of June 2008 “DikArt” organized a corporate picnic for 1500 Kyivstar employees. This grand event took place at the Vynnyky Lake close to the city of Lviv

   This traditional picnic gathered Kyivstar employees from the entire Western Region. Attendants enjoyed the fresh air, plenty of sports and play grounds for both kids and grown-ups. Adults enthusiastically participated in the football and volleyball championships, had a chance to throw Frisbee, to conduct horseback fights or get involved in knights battles.