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The biggest Lviv city festivals, organized by DikArt




VI City Doughnut Festival is held in Lviv in celebration of Christmas holidays. Each year the Festival is the main event of Christmas in Lviv.

Doughnut Festival — this is delicious doughnuts and hot mulled wine, competition of native scenes and sincere carols...

When: 7-11 January 2015

Where: Rynok Square (north side)



VI National Chocolate Festival takes place in the most romantic time — Valentine’s Day. We hospitably invite all sweet tooth to taste the best variety of chocolate and sweets. The biggest world chocolate festival — the festival EuroChocolate from Perugia will visit the Festival.

The sweetest holiday in Ukraine!

When: 16-18 October 2015

Where: Lviv Palace of Arts




III Festival of Easter Eggs in Lviv — this is a family event that glorifies the centuries-old traditions of celebrating the brightest festival in the Christian world and unites us all with faith in the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. During the Festival Lviv will turn into an open-air museum of Easter eggs!

When: April, 2016



III City Beer Festival is the festival, which familiarizes visitors to the ancient culture of Lviv Brewery.

Within Celebrations there will be tastings of different sorts of beer, tours, interactive entertainment, fairs and holiday concerts.

When: 2016



VI City Holiday “Batyar’s Day in Lviv” is a holiday that promotes Lviv batyar culture. In the program there are outdoor fun, batyar dancing, batyar shooting, singing, fair of batyar dishes, batyar picture sector, theater performances and concerts.

Batyars of all countries, Unite!

When: 1-3 May 2016



II Gastronomic Festival “Lviv on the plate” is a huge gastronomic festival that presents the Lviv as a gastronomic capital of Ukraine. The city restaurateurs, who offer to eat their fine food and drinks by presenting institution, join to the Festival. The owners of taverns, cafes and restaurants have the opportunity to bring a special atmosphere of their establishment on the street!

When: 19 - 21 June 2015



VI International Folklore Festival “Etnovyr” is the largest folk festival in Ukraine, where there are performances of the most colorful ensembles, spectacular march parades of participants by the main streets of the city and presentation of cuisines. Every year “Etnovyr” explodes with bright colors and is the main event of Ukraine’s Independence Day celebrations in Lviv. In the warm atmosphere there are held evenings of friendship and dance workshops.

We invite you to plunge into the whirlpool of rhythms of folklore from around the world!

Whole world to Lviv!

When:  August 2016

Where: Rynok Square, the central streets of Lviv



VII City Festival “Have a cup of coffee in Lviv” is Coffee Festival, during which there are coffee fair, tastings of coffee, coffee cocktails and desserts. During the Festival there are Voting for the best coffee house in Lviv and Western Ukrainian Barista Championship, where the best barista from Lviv and Western Ukraine compete.

When: 24-27 September 2015

Where: Rynok Square




IV City Cheese and Wine Holiday is a good opportunity to learn more about the culture of cheese making and traditions of winemaking in Lviv and Ukraine, visit fairs, fun, entertaining actions, animations, contests, concerts of folk groups and, of course, taste good cheese and good wine.

When: 23-25 October 2015

Where: Rynok Square




II Patriotic Festival “Ribbon by Ribbon” is a special national event that brings together patriots of Ukrainian statehood to support the national spirit. There is the atmosphere of strength of one nationality with a common historical past, stable present and good future. During the Festival there will be traditional Ukrainian historical songs that are important both for the older generation and for young people. It is in this spirit of mutual respect for past events the Second Patriotic Festival will be held. In the program there are patriotic singing in karaoke, reconstruction of fight between UIA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) fighters and a detachment of PCIA (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs), meeting and communicating with witnesses and combatants UIA.

Where: Museum of Folk Architecture and Life






V Tourism Forum “Win with the Lion” is dedicated to the development of tourism in Lviv. Each year to the Forum there are involved international experts, representatives of tourist business and government.

When: 26-29 November 2015