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Corporate meals, corporate celebrations, banquets, cold tables, picnics, etc.

Catering is one of many effective mechanisms to develop sound relations between partners, staff members and customers of a company.

Catering includes only several directions:

  • Express-meals at exhibitions, coffee-breaks at presentations, business lunches
  • Celebrations at floating vehicles – ships, boats
  • Organizing cold tables and banquets outside of office building
  • Country cottages and barbecues in the open air

 We believe it is catering that ensures maximal effect of a PR-events or presentation or any other event.

Dic Art can professionally organize any possible kind of event – a cold table, banquet, coffee-break, presentation, diplomatic reception, or barbecue. We can provide service to 10 to 2000 persons at a time.

Technical possibilities of our company enable us to comply with the preferences of our clients to the maximal extent. We offer a hall for an event, decorations and flowers, several configurations and color decoration of tables (green, blue, maroon), also we can organize an express-reception in less than 24 hours.

Our employees take into account all wishes and demands of every one client. A diversified menu that includes European, Oriental and Asian dishes can appeal to everybody. Together we will develop a recipe of the success of your holiday!

Chocolate Fountains

A Chocolate fountain is a unique way to accent any party, catered event or dessert buffet.

The chocolate fountain, when operating, looks like a three-tiered chocolatewedding cake. Сhocolate cascades off of each layer in sheets and guests dip skewered fruit or food items into the chocolate flow - pure heaven.

Chocolate fountains are in big demand at weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, corporate events, and other various functions. In fact, the chocolate fountain can be used at just about any event where you are looking to amaze guests, attract attention, or make a lasting impression.

Why not rent a chocolate fountain to create a memorable experience at your next event? A chocolate fountain makes a dramatic, sculptural focal point to impress your guests, whether you choose a simple option for a small celebration or a stunning display with the wow factor!

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